Old Forms



The future of drum & bass is behind us. The biggest leaps in style and sensibility were pretty much all locked down by the late ’90s, and Roni Size / Reprazent was in on one of the biggest leaps of all.

In 1997 Reprazent released New Forms, and all bets were off. Having just found mainstream appeal with artists like David Bowie and Everything But The Girl, drum and bass took a darker, heroin-jazz infused turn on this iconic release. There simply wasn’t anything else like it. There is no doubt that it cast one of the longest shadows in drum and bass history.

It still sounds fresh as hell thirteen years later. You can hear echoes of its influence even today, if you listen to the right djs. New Forms truly is a timeless treasure, and I’m excited to share a few tracks here tonight.

There are newer versions of some of these songs at the iTunes Store, but the originals still hold all the power of that moment in 1997, Roni’s annus mirabilis.


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