Pareidolia: The End Is Near


I’m publishing my science fiction novel Pareidolia in slow motion. A new chapter will be published every week. The premise is available here.

There’s only one chapter left. I’m taking Christmas off, but I’ll be back before New Year’s to button things up. And yes, there will be a resolution, a real one. I’m a fan of postmodernism, but not that big of a fan.

Let me tell you, I thought this book was done last summer. Taking one last stab, a week at a time, has been eye opening as fuck. I found opportunities to polish and shine that I’d completely missed the first several hundred times through. And I could do it all over again next year and it’d be even less horrible. But this is it. A man can only take so much.

Writing is for chumps, and I’m a chump. I’m also too chicken shit to submit this flaming balloon flight of a novel to agents and their overflowing inboxes. Anyway I know it’s not up to most agents’ standards, let alone editors. It was a giant writing exercise, and ho boy, do those early chapters sound bad today. Just like I’m sure this whole book will sound in a handful of years. But you have to start somewhere, and now I can say I’ve done this. I have written and (sort of) published a goddamn novel. That’s a hell of a thing.

Thank you to those of you who read it and clicked the old like button. Please tell your friends, if you think they’d like it. It’s nice to know that, aside from a few unfortunate friends and family members, my baby made it out into the world a little.

This site will not go dark when the last chapter of Pareidolia is published. I’m already working on book number dos, and I have some not-horrible ideas for posts in between. And maybe the next book, whenever it’s finished, will find me brave enough to take another whack at the dreaded query letter.

Happy holidays! And thanks again so much.


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