Music Alert: Orbr – Deathclock

Check out Deathclock, the spooky new single from my drum & bass avatar Orbr!

Deathclock’s spiraling, mysterious storybook opener features a theremin, glittering chime FX, and a wall of swelling vintage synths.

Soon the clock chimes, the countdown begins, and we’re catapulted into a frenzied rave from hell; massive snares, frantic percussions, furious warbling basslines, and scattered arpeggios lead to the inevitable breakdown and buildup, inviting us to ride the treacherous haunted waves once again. All the while the clock of death ticks… and ticks… and ticks…

Deathclock is available everywhere fine music is sold. You can also hear it on Orbr’s Bandcamp, YouTube, Spotify, and SoundCloud channels, and of course you can stream or download any Orbr song at

Happy Halloween 2021! 🎃

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