Clean Up Your Browser’s Act

We’ve all been there: someone shares a link with interesting content that you just can’t quite get to. Maybe you’ve hit your limit of free articles for the month. Maybe the site doesn’t like the fact that you’re using an ad blocker. Or maybe you can access the content but you can’t enjoy it because flashy ads and auto-play videos distract the eye.

You’re not alone; most of the internet is a complete mess. JavaScript is largely to blame, but shitty website design can spill over into all kinds of platforms and technologies. The end result is an alienated audience.

Thank goodness there’s a solution!

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No, Smartphones Haven’t Destroyed A Generation



Did you know that people who rely on food stamps are less likely to make six figure salaries than those who don’t? Or that people who don’t attend AA meetings are more likely to suffer from liver disease than those who do? It’s true. And you should be very concerned.

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