Dragons And Jewels: The Kingdom of Lone



My first exposure to Lone was the refreshing and delightful (if slightly half-baked) Emerald Fantasy Tracks from 2010. Like so many of my electronic albums, I have absolutely no idea how I stumbled upon it. I’m so glad I did. Galaxy Garden, his follow up collaboration with Machinedrum, made it into my top 20 favorite albums of all time. I’ve been a devoted fan ever since.

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No, Smartphones Haven’t Destroyed A Generation



Did you know that people who rely on food stamps are less likely to make six figure salaries than those who don’t? Or that people who don’t attend AA meetings are more likely to suffer from liver disease than those who do? It’s true. And you should be very concerned.

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A Pile of D**ks: The Eleven Worst Things About Gay Social Media

pile of dicks


I’m a single gay man who uses cruising apps to meet other gay men. For gay stuff. (Cooking classes, probably. Or maybe antiquing. Doesn’t matter.) I’ve met some amazing guys online over the last few years, but more often than not I find myself walking into the same dozen or so idiot land mines that threaten to dash my gay hopes forever.

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Summer Music Roundup: An Ode To The LP



It’s been a truism for years now that playlists have supplanted albums in a serious way. Music comes to us in dribs and drabs, of varying genre, popularity, and sound quality. Our iPods are less like a well-organized bookshelf of CDs and more like a garage filled with worn boxes of 45’s and cassingles.

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The Shining Codes: Utter Bulls**t, But Fun As Hell



I’m the first to admit that I adore conspiracy theories, even stupendously implausible ones. Actually, the more howl-at-the-moon ridiculous, the better. They are fascinating windows into our culture and our psyche. So here’s one about a movie that I’d memorized every frame of by the ag e of 12: The Shining.

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