Music Alert: Distress Call / Beaches of Cantarthys

Orbr’s new double single is out today! Check out the riveting sci-fi horror of Distress Call / Beaches of Cantarthys.

Distress Call sounds the red alert on a distant spaceship, warning the crew of impending encounters with sprawling FM baselines, subzero atmospherics, and a twitchy drum kit.

Beaches of Cantarthys is a tense and dramatic away mission to a land of 909s, manic arpeggiators, and vintage analog creatures both big and small.

Distress Call / Beaches of Cantarthys is available everywhere fine music is sold. You can also hear it on Orbr’s Bandcamp, YouTube, and SoundCloud channels, and of course you can stream or download any Orbr song at


Music Alert: Orbr – Peanut Butter Cup

Grab yourself a sweet free download: Orbr’s new single Peanut Butter Cup!

A theremin, some sweet 80s synths, and an acoustic drum kit go trick-or-treating in the wrong neighborhood and wind up toe-to-toe with a gang of chonky basslines and a slew of old-school breaks in this whimsical and manic Halloween tribute.

Don’t forget to check out Orbr’s SoundCloud and YouTube channels. And you can always stream or download any Orbr track from

Happy Spooktober!

Music Alert: Orbr – Fireflies

Orbr’s back with another new song, this one giving liquid funk a run for its money.

Inspiration for this song ran the gamut, from the old-school rave classics of Altern-8 to the seemingly endless futuristic slammers by Total Science.

Fireflies is available everywhere fine music is sold. You can also hear it on my Bandcamp, YouTube, and SoundCloud channels.

And of course you can stream or purchase any Orbr song at


Music Alert: Oaks – Like A Poem (Orbr Remix)

Oaks dropped their new Like A Poem EP today, including an exclusive Orbr remix!

This was my first remix job, and I’m insanely grateful to the lovely members of Oaks for providing this awesome opportunity. Thank you Jim & Erica!

You can also get the remix at my Bandcamp, SoundCloud, or YouTube channels.

Rock on! ❤️

Throwback Thursday: Jeweler’s Dive

terminal beats cover

In 1998 I recorded a song called Jeweler’s Dive. It was one of only a few jazz-inspired drum and bass tracks I made during my loungy, loungy period of the late ’90s. An edited version enjoyed a mini-celebrity on Terminal Beats, a compilation released by indie jungle Chicago outfit Forte Recordings. (Old school ruffians will remember Midwest legends 3D and Snuggles.)

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