Music Alert: The Seven Whores of the Apocalypse – Parasite

I’m delighted to announce that Parasite, the debut single of The Seven Whores of the Apocalypse, drops today!

Parasite is a love letter to late 80s electro-industrial dance music. Pulsating analog synths, breathy FX, hypnotic rhythms, and choral samples beckon you inside steamy nightclubs of the late Cold War era. Let the The Seven Whores of the Apocalypse buy you a drink!

You can hear Parasite on our SoundCloud or BandCamp pages.

The Seven Whores of the Apocalypse are Chris (The Creeping Man), Tom (Divider Line), and me (Jason Herrboldt). Please visit and support Chris and Tom on BandCamp! They make killer music.


Tempo Beach Mixtape Series


Once in a while an idea for a mixtape takes over my brain like a computer virus. It hits me all at once that I have all the requisite parts, a theme emerges, and suddenly it’s not an idea anymore—it’s an obsession.

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Mixtape Alert: 95 Jungle Sound Murderah

JCM 03.png


Back once again for another old school collection. This time we’re going to the back of the crate for some heavyweight classics that will absolutely melt your face. Spanning the crucial ’92 – ’95 era, we let drum and bass legends Roni Size, Goldie, Bay B Kane, Andy C, and Aphrodite take us on the ultimate jungle safari back to where it all began.

Welcome to Hardcore Math User’s ’95 Jungle Sound Murderah mixtape!

Click here to stream or download.

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Mixtape Alert: Class of ’93 – Rave Hysteria



Say hello to the first entry in my Class of ’93 mixtape series!

While making this mix I combed my archives for every rave, trance, breakbeat, jungle, and techno song I could find that was made on or before 1993 that I loved. I dropped them all in my laptop, pressed frappe, and out came this megamix of early 90s candy raver nostalgia. I hope you enjoy!

Click here to stream or download.

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