Class of ’93 Mixtape Series


Don’t worry if you’re stuck at at desk job while your brain is stuck in the 90s — you can still have a rave in your headphones anytime you like! These old-school electronica mixtapes will take you back to where it all began.

All songs are from 1993 and back, and each mix contains exclusive mashups and remixes you won’t find anywhere else. It’s time to dig out that mirror ball shirt everyone knows you’ve been hiding in storage.


A love letter to those schizophrenic rave compilations that served up breakbeat, techno, jungle, hardcore, trance, and more. Back then genres didn’t matter — it was all just “rave music”, and it was glorious. This breakneck mix storms through 50 different tracks at a rate of more than one song a minute!


This mixtape moves off the beaten path and wanders into dub, ambient, and even experimental territory. Inspired by the legendary techno group Greater Than One, this mix features left field b-sides, vintage sci-fi movie samples, and an army of evil robots from outer space too stoned to take out humanity. Definitely one for the (cough, cough) chill set.


Where would we be without the Roland 303? Nowhere, and this mixtape shows us why. The first Class of ’93 entry dedicated to four-on-the-floor anthems deftly mixes knob-twiddling synthesizers with slamming techno beats. Contains exclusive mashups and remixes of songs by Art Of Noise, Depeche Mode, Psychic TV, D:Ream, and more!


Sped-up rasta MCs, chipmunk vocals, and heavenly piano stabs are whipped into a frenzy in this bonkers homage to the music that would eventually morph into happy hardcore and jungle. An unbelievable 67 tracks chug along at hypersonic speeds in this 90-minute workout of a mixtape that will absolutely send you to the fucking hospital.


The euphoric side of techno never sounded better! Get ready for lush synthesizer sweeps, hard orchestra hits, dreamy vocals, and a metric fuck ton of 909s. Lords of Ecstasy takes you away with expert knob twiddlers Orbital, Aphex Twin, Richie Hawtin, Psychic TV, the geniuses behind Lords of Acid, and many more. Lose yourself in 90 minutes of slamming rave classics, then cool off in the chill room at the end as the mix dissolves into waves of floating ambient soundscapes.


Ambient music enjoyed a brief rush of fame in the early 90s, but the genre goes back decades. This entry in the Class of ’93 series showcases legendary ambient artists Brian Eno, Wendy Carlos, and Aphex Twin, as well as many other pioneering electronic musicians going as far back as the 1950s! Enjoy over an hour of synthetic soundscapes that are equal parts relaxing, expansive, at times a bit unsettling, but always interesting.

Rave or die! ❤️

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