Mixtape Alert: Class of ’93 – Lords of Ecstasy

LOE Cover.png

Better stock up on orange juice and back rubs—the fifth installment in my Class of ‘93 mixtape series will leave you burning with ecstasy!

This time around we’re going straight to the euphoric side of techno. Get ready for lush synthesizer sweeps, hard orchestra hits, dreamy vocals, and a metric fuck ton of 909s.

Climb on a UFO with expert knob twiddlers Orbital, Aphex Twin, Richie Hawtin, Psychic TV, and the geniuses behind Lords of Acid, and set the controls for old school technoblivion. Lose yourself in 90 minutes of slamming rave classics, then cool off in the chill room at the end as the mix dissolves into waves of floating ambient soundscapes.

Track list:

  1. Psychic TV – E-Male
  2. Moody Boyz – Glitch
  3. Coil – The Snow
  4. MIDI Rain – Fire (Inferno Mix)
  5. Gipsy – I Trance You
  6. The 3rd Alternative – Sinister Footwork (Part Two)
  7. Channel X – A Million Colors
  8. Praga Khan – Free Your Body (Injected With A Poison)
  9. Air of Gloom – Meditation
  10. Orbital – Planet of the Shapes
  11. Ravebusters – In-Fluid
  12. Cold Sensation – Control The Universe
  13. Psychic TV – Money For E… (Jack The Tab Remix)
  14. Orbital – Chime (Ray Keith Mutation)
  15. Orbital – Monday
  16. Shaft – Roobarb & Custard (Dr. Trip & Bob Bolts Mix)
  17. Orbital – Lush 3-1
  18. Readymade – Face The Day
  19. Spooky – Little Bullit (Dum Dum Mix)
  20. AFX – Analogue Bubblebath
  21. F.U.S.E. – Treychk
  22. Aphex Twin – Grey Stripe

Float on!

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