Mixtape Alert: Class of ’93 – Robot Dub Killer


It’s come the far reaches outer space to destroy humanity… after destroying a blunt.

Here comes the perfect combination of evil robots and smokin’ dub music for the fourth installment of my Class of ’93 mixtape series. Pulling audio from sci-fi thrillers, spaced-out ambient, and pitched-down techno from back in the day, Robot Dub Killer drops beats so heavy your squinty bloodshot eyes will roll right out of your head.

Track list:

  1. Hardcore Math User – Forbidden Intro
  2. Meat Beat Manifesto – Original Control (Electro The Robot)
  3. GTO – Hasty Hare & The UFOs
  4. FUSE – Into the Space (Hardcore Math User Remix)
  5. Hardcore Math User – Robot Monster Interlude
  6. Meat Beat Manifesto – DJ Interruptus
  7. GTO – Dub Fire
  8. The Orb – Earth (Gaia) (The Black Hole Remix)
  9. GTO – Dub Killer
  10. Aphex Twin – 0181871
  11. Hardcore Math User – Perfect Female Interlude
  12. Griselda – Oxygen
  13. Orbital – Lush 3.2 (Hardcore Math User Remix)
  14. Kraftwerk – The Man Machine
  15. Polygon Window – UT1-Dot
  16. Aphex Twin – Dodeccaheedron
  17. Autechre – Bronchus 2
  18. Bernard Fevre – Earth Message

Fool humans. There is no escape!

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