Mixtape Alert: Class of ’93 – Robot Dub Killer



It’s come the far reaches outer space to destroy humanity… after destroying a blunt.

Here comes the perfect combination of evil robots and smokin’ dub music for the fourth installment of my Class of ’93 mixtape series. Pulling audio from sci-fi thrillers, spaced-out ambient, and pitched-down techno from back in the day, Robot Dub Killer drops beats so heavy your squinty bloodshot eyes will roll right out of your head.

Click here to stream or download.

Track list:

  1. Hardcore Math User – Forbidden Intro
  2. Meat Beat Manifesto – Original Control (Electro The Robot)
  3. GTO – Hasty Hare & The UFOs
  4. FUSE – Into the Space (Hardcore Math User Remix)
  5. Hardcore Math User – Robot Monster Interlude
  6. Meat Beat Manifesto – DJ Interruptus
  7. GTO – Dub Fire
  8. The Orb – Earth (Gaia) (The Black Hole Remix)
  9. GTO – Dub Killer
  10. Aphex Twin – 0181871
  11. Hardcore Math User – Perfect Female Interlude
  12. Griselda – Oxygen
  13. Orbital – Lush 3.2 (Hardcore Math User Remix)
  14. Kraftwerk – The Man Machine
  15. Polygon Window – UT1-Dot
  16. Aphex Twin – Dodeccaheedron
  17. Autechre – Bronchus 2
  18. Bernard Fevre – Earth Message

Fool humans. There is no escape!

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