Mixtape Alert: Slow School Jungle Breakz

z Final (big)

What if a twitchy arcade monkey with a penchant for drum and bass hopped in a time machine dialed back to the mid-1990s after taking too much ketamine?

The result would be a slow-motion 8 bit journey through the jungles of England, with torchbearers Aphrodite, Photek, Dom & Roland, LTJ Bukem, and Goldie lighting the way. The result would be Hardcore Math User’s Slow School Jungle Breakz mixtape!

Track list:

  1. DJ Sole – Deal Wid It
  2. A-Zone – Calling The People
  3. The House Crew – Untitled
  4. Goldie – Still Life
  5. Hidden Agenda – Pressin’ On
  6. Amazon II – Bass Light
  7. Art Of Noise – Kiss (Haitian Vampire Mix)
  8. Photek – Third Sequence
  9. Dillinja – Silver Blade
  10. Smokey Joe – A Special Request
  11. Chameleon – Links
  12. Johnny Jungle – Johnny (Dillinja Remix)
  13. Dom & Roland – Dawning
  14. Optical – To Shape The Future
  15. Blame – Centuries
  16. Ken Ishii – Stretch (Shogun Remix)
  17. Photek – Rings Around Saturn
  18. Kinetix – The Stalking Moon (Technical Itch Remix)
  19. J Majik – Arabian Nights


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