Mixtape Alert: 95 Jungle Sound Murderah

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Back once again for another old school collection. This time we’re going to the back of the crate for some heavyweight classics that will absolutely melt your face. Spanning the crucial ’92 – ’95 era, we let drum and bass legends Roni Size, Goldie, Bay B Kane, Andy C, and Aphrodite take us on the ultimate jungle safari back to where it all began.

Welcome to Hardcore Math User’s ’95 Jungle Sound Murderah mixtape!

These are some of the songs that got me seriously hooked on the jungle / drum & bass scene when I first got my start as a producer in the early ’90s. I remember completely feeling the intelligent vibe as I listened to Goldie’s Jah, Rogue Unit’s Nocturnal, and EZ Roller’s Rolled Into One. The combination of complex rhythms, mathematical symmetry and lush keyboard sounds absolutely floored me.

I’ll never forget the first time I listened to my then brand new vinyl copy of Boogie Times Tribe’s Real Hardcore. Absolutely changed my life. Later on, my CD copies of Goldie’s Timeless and D’Cruze’s Control were worth more to me than my car. My love for jungle / drum & bass has burned bright ever since. This mixtape is a tribute to these masters of the dark arts.

Having said all that, I can’t let this mix go out without a nod to what I consider to be the original jungle track – the one that came before all the others, the one that I never listened to without a pot haze around my head: the 1991 Version Galore mix of Meat Beat Manifesto’s Radio Babylon. This track truly lit the spark in a gasoline-filled warehouse, and has got to be my favorite jungle / drum & bass track of all time. This is the third recent mixtape of mine to include samples of this monster tune.

All of the songs have been sped up to 170 bpm to give the mix a modern feel, but each song’s original pitch has been preserved to maintain the old school vibe. Many snippets go uncredited, such as Van Kleef’s Life Began Changing, Randall & Andy C’s Sound Control, and A Guy Called Gerald’s 28 Gun Bad Boy. There are some fresh bootleg remixes (456, Dancer), and one is an unreleased song of mine from 1994, when I was just learning my jungle chops (Congo Menace).

This one goes out to DJ Spree. Let’s get 2012 off to a proper start. OH GOSH! 

Track list:

  1. The Intelligent Jungalist – Double Barrel
  2. Amazon II – Booyah (Remix)
  3. Danny Breaks – Step Off
  4. Kane & The Paraquat – Addikshun
  5. Phuture Assassins – Roots ‘N Future (Altern 8’s Dark Future Remix)
  6. Bay B Kane – Hyd & Seek
  7. Dillinja – You Don’t Know (Remix)
  8. Roni Size – Phyzical (Vintage Remix)
  9. Remarc – Drum N Bass Wise (Remix)
  10. Da Intalex – What Ya Gonna Do
  11. Rogue Unit – Nocturnal
  12. Roni Size – All The Crew ‘Big Up’ (95 Lick)
  13. Pascal – Freedom
  14. Chuck E. – Smokin’ A Blunt
  15. DJ Krust – Jazz Note
  16. Money & Dubtronics – Jungle Jazz
  17. Goldie – Jah
  18. Bay B Kane – Giant Steps
  19. Ironik – Believe In (Remix)
  20. Bay B Kane – Jump Up Jungalist
  21. Hardcore Math User – Congo Menace
  22. Tom & Jerry – Dancer (Hardcore Math User Remix)
  23. Tic Tac Toe – 456 (Hardcore Math User Remix)
  24. Tom & Jerry – For The Gold Teeth (F.N.T.)
  25. Boogie Times Tribe – The Dark Stranger (Johnny Jungle Remix)
  26. Kid Thunder – Life Goes On
  27. Roni Size – Timestretch (Origin Unknown Remix)
  28. Roni Size & Krust – Witchcraft
  29. EZ Rollers – Rolled Into One
  30. Foul Play – Being With You (Remix)

– – – – –

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