Mixtape Alert: Birth of Liquid (Faze One)

BOL F1.png

It’s early summer, the perfect time of year for melodic drum & bass!

As always, there’s a bit of a history lesson. Liquid funk came of age around 2004, but the birth cries could be heard as far back as the early ’90s with the dawn of drum & bass itself.

Liquid DNB went by different monikers throughout the decade: jungle jazz, atmospheric, drum & space; but the biggest stars of liquid funk owe everything to these pioneers of mid / late ’90s melodic drum & bass, and there’s no better place to start than Jonny L.’s absolutely devastating 2 Of Us.

Welcome to part one of Hardcore Math User’s Birth Of Liquid mixtape series!

Track list:

  1. Jonny L. – 2 Of Us
  2. DJ Pulse – Planet Funk
  3. Alex Reece – Candles (dj Pulse Mix)
  4. Jonny L. – Sam
  5. Odyssey – Artificial Life
  6. Jazz Cartel – Expand
  7. Kudos – East Coast Fusion
  8. The Ballistic Brothers – Come On (Simon Templar Mix)
  9. Wax Doctor – Atmospheric Funk
  10. Alex Reece – U R
  11. Wax Doctor – Offshore Drift
  12. Jonny L. – Tychonic Cycle
  13. Ken Ishii – Stretch (Shogun Remix)
  14. Art Of Noise – Art Of Love (ILS Remix)

Click here for Faze Two.

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