Remix Alert: Limahl – NeverEnding Story

neverending story


Pretty much every kid in the ’80s saw The NeverEnding Story on the big screen. It was like required. I was one of those kids, and OMG was it awesome.

And who didn’t love Limahl’s timeless theme song to the 1984 film? You couldn’t turn on a radio for like half a year without hearing it.

Cut to my years as a drum & bass producer in the late ’90s, before I transitioned over to house or garage or lounge or anything else. For a few brief months I dabbled in happy hardcore, jungle’s kissing cousin, and let’s just say it didn’t work out. It was fun to try though, and at least we got this bootleg remix out of it!

Limahl – The NeverEnding Story (Hardcore Math User Remix)


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