Music Alert: The Seven Whores of the Apocalypse – Wicked Hands EP

My darksynth band The Seven Whores of the Apocalypse is crazy excited to announce the release of our debut EP Wicked Hands, out today on Germany’s Scanner Records!

Tracks include

  1. Enter Delirium
  2. Grinding Walls
  3. Feed Me to the Void
  4. Splintered

Click here to stream or download.

Wicked Hands is both a love letter to throwback darkwave and an exploration of what’s possible in the wide-open space of EBM / dark techno.

The EP opener Enter Delirium is electro-industrial red meat: a minimal disco beat throbs, bass lines stab and growl, reverb-drenched vocals moan and lament, and tinkling 80s keys dance over bent circuits and glitch effects.

All familiar terrain to fans of the genre, but the EP takes an unexpected and dramatic turn into the mysterious far-flung world vibes and long slow beats of Grinding Walls.

Feed Me to the Void turns the energy back up with early electronica breaks and rave FX while keeping the subterranean vibes going. Vocals both melodic and hoarsely whispered droop over the song’s fragmented alien terrain, showcasing the Whores’ background in experimental dark ambient music.

The howling analog synths, machine-gun beats, and broken bottles of the stunning EP closer Splintered take us right back to late-80s gothic synth pop nirvana, where we wait — hopefully not too long — for the inevitable remix EP.

Visit our website for more info, news, and music!

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