Music Alert: Timewitch – Miniature Trails of Light

I’m ticked and delighted to announce that Miniature Trails of Light, the debut single of my throwback techno side-project Timewitch, is out today!

With an original mix and 6 genre-bending remixes, Miniature Trails of Light clocks in at a hefty 37 minutes of electronic listening pleasure.

The Timewitch project is a love letter to early left-field 90s electronica ala Aphex Twin and Autechre.

Listen now Bandcamp or SoundCloud.

Here’s the promo copy:

Timewitch turns the clock back to 1982 in their ethereal, Vangelis-inspired techno stunner Miniature Trails of Light. A lo-fi drum machine barely contains blazing analog leads and gravity-defying pads as vocal samples describe “a telepathic connection with the angels of time.” Nasty 303s and a freaky vocoder go to war over a glitchy FM bass under a dark sky of vintage synth squiggles and flourishes.

Miniature Trails of Light is a manic, psychedelic journey that pays deep homage to the past while keeping a clear eye on the future of techno. Includes innovative, genre-busting remixes by AoS, Psychic Sarahs, Lazy Couture, Divider Line, The Creeping Man, and Puzzleboy.

Stay tuned for the debut Timewitch full-length debut, out this summer!

Oo, also: if the Psychic Sarahs remix ticked your fancy, be sure to check out their origin story album, There’s Something Wrong with Sarah, available here.

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